Her Other SideAssociation Fleur d’Orange

Créations : MAN ANA // Kaly Graffyk • Identité • Mirage
• Her Other Side • Expo • Voi • Ség Sègbo.

Her Other Side is a 50-60 minute performance by Hind Benali (Morocco/Fleur d’Orange) and Esther Baker-Tarpaga (USA/Baker & Tarpaga Dance Project).

The work comments on and undermines hyper stereotypes of “American” and “Arab” female bodies. The performers interact with the audience to implicate them in their questions on power, constraint, freedom, and sexuality. This transnational collaboration between two female artists compares cultures finding visible differences and similarities, yet finds common ground in social constructs, manipulations, and violence towards the female body.

The work draws from the performers backgrounds in performance art, improvisation, dance theatre, belly dance, and West African dance. The work has received feedback and guidance from Guillermo Gomez-Pena and Kettly Noel.